• Product Information
    HSM VK 5012 Channel Baling Press
    Suitable for cardboard, plastic film and compressing DSD goods, UBC as well as PET bottles (other materials on request)
    Solid steel construction
    Solid steel construction with highly wear resistant steel parts inside the press chamber and press channel
    Solid steel construction
    Solid steel construction with extremely wear-resistant, replaceable steel
    Programmable Siemens logic controller
    Programmable Siemens logic controller with touch panel
    Adjusted software
    Optimally adjusted software for different materials guarantees high bale quality even when material is frequently changed
    Operating side can be selected
    Continuous loading
    Suitable for continuous loading with conveyor belt, air feeding or similar
    Optimised bale dimensions and bale weights for efficient truck loading
    Technical data
    Order number
    Pressing power
    Driving power
    Loading aperture width x length
    Bale width x height x length
    Bale weight
    Number of strappings
    Length x Width x Height
    500 kN
    45 kW
    1020 x 1250 mm
    1100 x 750 x 600-1200 mm
    500 Kg
    8990 x 3990 x 3000 mm
    20 t